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They might not look ethnic, but they really are. The same thing goes for any other ethnic hair. The only thing that s counts is that these people are real people with real experiences. And thats probably the main reason why I like him so much. Plus, hes still trying to get over what happened with the rest of his group. And honestly, its one of the few things thats positive about our society right now. Maybe, but sometimes I worry about how things are changing. Just like you were with me when we first met. You have to remember that youre in a better mood right now than you were with your brother. You probably should just let bygones be bygones with both of them. How do you know about me being myself. Because we had the same dream, and I cant tell you about it. Not at all, youre the first person whos ever cared about me. Are you ready for this life or are you still struggling with it. Im ready for it, now lets get going. As the pair of you walk down the street, he starts telling you about his life. He mentions how he lives alone and what he does for a living. The two of you spend the next hour or two talking until you finally reach your apartment. When you get inside the apartment, you notice it looks exactly how you remember. Its a one bedroom apartment thats relatively cheap. So cheap in fact, that you cant believe it. All the furniture looks brand new though, so thats a bonus. You go into your bedroom, open your closet and notice it hasnt been used in awhile. In fact, you dont see anything that would indicate that youre a hairdresser or that you even had a hairdresser a long time ago. You guess you had some sort of job in college that you had to drop out of or something. You notice a huge box on your desk that you think might have been a dresser when you lived here. Its labeled Rita, but the picture is faded and you cant make it out. You know she had a baby, but youre not really sure how many.

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