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RBeautyDeals: Come Share your beauty deals. You go with Best SiteIm going with rmakeupdeals. I thought you were talking about cheap makeup. Buy me a stick of eyeliner and Ill give you the price at my beauty shop at the mall. I think thats a little too obvious for a beauty deal, you should try to be more subtle. Well, if youre going to tell me to be more subtle, I want to do it. So you can tell me to do things that you want to do. Well, if you want to tell me to do something, I need to know what you want to be a little more than just sneaky. I really dont want you to tell me things. Oh come on, its obvious you want me to tell you things. Well, I just dont want you to do it. You give upFine, you can do what you want. Alright, Im going to go over to the makeup display. Im going to tell you things, but you can say no if you want. You keep quiet: Fine, Ill do it. You close your eyes in relief, before opening them again. Then, you quickly realize you are still wearing your hoodie, which prevents you from opening your mouth at all. You quickly put it back on and walk away. You take a quick glance, and notice youve left the alley in a hurry. You follow the alley, and soon get to a store with a big sign.

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