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You purchase Beauty and The Beast Beast Ultra Prestige Costumes. The best deal is on Beauty and The Beast Beast Ultra Prestige Costumes for Men. Re thinking about how these will be perfect for disguising yourself as men in the coming rebellion. You put in the price and click to pay, when you notice the screen has changed. You must be one of those people that has paid an excessive amount of money for the lowest common denominator. You say before realizing the screen has turned black. Ve been when you hear a loud boom followed by a few seconds of silence. You slowly sit up from your recliner. Ll be moving to, you suddenly get another notification in your HUD. S pointing in the direction of where you saw the red marker before. You try going to that area againYou log back on and find that the same thing happened. Re done playing this game and move on to something more productive. You go back to the first room and pick up a couple of items, none of which have any use. You briefly consider looking through the furniture and tables, but you are just as tired already and you decide against it. You decide to go to your room and sleep in your own bed for a change. While your room is more tidy than your earlier one, all of your clothing is a bit of a mess. You decide to sleep in this dirty clothes instead of putting them back in your wardrobe. Ve really been through something tonight.

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