Richard Branson, 71, shares horrific injuries after mogul suffers colossal bike crash

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Sir Richard Branson has revealed the horrific injuries he suffered after a “colossal” cycling crash after his brakes failed during a charity ride today. The billionaire mogul took to Instagram and explained that everyone involved are doing fine.

Taking to the picture-sharing site, Richard spoke out about the incident in a candid video.

He began: “Recovering well from a colossal cycling crash. Thankfully we’re ok, but some big bumps and bruises!”

After the crash on the island of Tortola, the mogul showed severe cuts and bruises on his elbow as well as an “extraordinarily big bump” on his hip.

The Virgin media owner also revealed a “massive” hematoma on his leg after the crash.

He also took to his Instagram stories, where he shared pictures following the aftermath of the crash.

Richard was quickly inundated with messages from fans wishing the entrepreneur a speedy recovery.

Shai Wess wrote: “Wishing you a speedy recovery from us all at @virginatlantic.”

Nael Golan commented: “Hope you are fine and get well soon.”

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