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I love you, A year has gone by, and I still havent seen A Girl Like You. You become a better person, a stronger person, more mature. For your sake, I wish you could have met me. A year ago I would have told you that I would have come to find you, but things have turned out much differently. You are one of the few people I know who has remained true to the girl that they once were. Still, how I would like to have been able to say I would have helped you when you needed it the most. And now, a year has passed since the day that we first began talking and one year since I last saw you. The end is in sight, but I cannot say I have much hope for that. I think I should begin to explain things in greater detail now. It is not that I have completely lost faith in you or in the world we live in. You see, I have had these feelings for the past years, but I never had the courage to let you know about them. I have been afraid you would lose interest, because I have been afraid that you would change. But I am afraid you will not change. When you met me it seemed as if you had grown in some way. At that time I knew you had never changed, as no one can, but here you were. I have come to love your gentleness and your kindness. I have come to love your sense of fashion and you know that you do not have the slightest bit of pretense about your personal appearance. I have come to love your sense of music, and your kindness to my fellow musician friends and the one, and only, drummer. I love everything about you and I have never been closer to someone in my life. I can only hope that you will not change either Cough, I have no idea what will happen tomorrow, I just know that you will be back here.

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