S animated classic, one of the most beloved tales ever told…

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This is like the movie that got out of hand at the movies. The music characters action werent the right ones, so you cant really enjoy it. And then you remember that the original stories from which all those fairy tale movies were adapted from were written down before there was even a word to describe the magical creatures or fairies they were based on. So you try to find the original story. S bookshelf where you find a dusty tome that is only slightly out of date. Your grandmother would probably have discarded it years ago, but for some reason it is carefully laid out on the kitchen table, which is in the exact center of the room. Ve read it a thousand times before, and yet it feels so different. So much so that you can almost taste it. For years, the San Jose Earthquakes were the only Major League Soccer team in the Bay Area. The teams move to California in 2008 was seen as a good thing for many reasons. But if you were one of the people who supported the team throughout its years in San Jose you will always have memories of it. San Jose Sharks fans are known more for being the loudest fans in hockey, but they are no slouches when it comes to showing support for their favorite hockey team. The fans of the Quakes are known for being a loyal lot, but still, this is something different. The San Jose Earthquakes have started using the San Jose Sharks logo as a scarf tie in the stadium. The Quakes arent the only team that is doing this either, each team is using at least one or two teams jersey designs. As great as the Quakes are at supporting each other, they also support an outside rival in the form of the Oakland As.

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