S probably safe to say that we are currently living through a golden age …

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But they seem like you need them on your face for accident-avoidance. That is a very good point, though I suppose the fact that there are so many gingers out there means they must be really good at their facial hair styles. But seriously, you should be glad to know that they are safe to be around. Re thinking about a lot more, because your parents are in town. This is your first real day out since you got home from school. T been able to go anywhere near them for the past few days because you thought you had to see a therapist because of the anxiety you had about going back. T really want to tell them too much. You go into the closest grocery store and buy yourself a loaf of bread and see a few people staring at you as you walk past them. Re clustered around a corner when you get near the house. Re tempted to go in and ask for mom and dad, but you stop yourself. You do think they look really nice though. S odd that gingers could say something so positively about parents. You feel like people are getting a little too close to you. You say, not willing to get too close to them.

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