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You noYou reply no, but thanks for the offer. Im not sure I need a new place to live right now. You then ask Sally to check back in a couple days. Sally smiles and replies Well if youre not too busy, Ill have to check back in then. But Im sure the man youre looking for is busy right about now anyways. You enter the office once more to see the owner and the manager looking at you expectantly. Smith, I need a place to stay and the manager said I need a new car. The owner gives you a bit of a look and then glances to his manager, who gives a look of disapproval as wellWhat happened to Mr. I just got here, and the manager didnt inform me of my new accommodations until I was already halfway to the car. The manager frowns again and then gives you a glare of disdain as he takes a seat. Youve been driving a rental car all this time Mr. What have you been doing with the money you get from the car. Im living with my sister and we dont have a lot of money at the moment. I dont think so, and you know how my sister is. I see sir, but what would you like to do. The manager frowns once more at the fact that one of his employees is unaware of the situation. Im sorry sir, but Im here to tell you that you cant get a job here. Weve been running this place for a long time and as youve already seen, we have no vacancies. The manager puts his hands on his hips and glares at you. Now then, if you dont want to be working for us and youd rather be living on the street then I apologize for my company, but I cant force people to do things. Youre unsure of what to do so you just say thank you and leave without another word. Youre on the street, not knowing what to do next. You stay in the carYou decide to stay in the car but you figure its still better than being on the street. Look, weve never had too many customers here and I dont see why I should break my lease just because someone.

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