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Charlotte-NCSally Beauty Charlotte NC Charlotte-NCSally Beauty Charlotte NCCharlotte-NCSally Beauty Charlotte NCCharlotte-NC Your skin tone is dark and curly; you look like a witch at a Christmas party. The way she runs her little finger up and down your arms and chest as her voice trails off whispers about how you could be one of the beauty whores that sell their hair and bodies anywhere if they only had more money. You look around at the half-filled booths like some sort of lost soul; theyre getting cold and the sun isnt helping. A few people are sitting with their faces in their hands and it looks like theyre not paying attention to you at all. Youre not exactly sure what to expect when you get to the door, but you might as well take the chance. Its a beauty, but youll need some additional accessories on you. She says picking up the bag that you were holding earlier and dumping it onto the floor before opening the door. She points over your shoulder at the booth across the room. You see those two hoes there. Thats Charlottes Discount, shes giving a 20 off discount off everything she has on her table. They even gave me 10 off when I first walked in. You stare at the booth for a moment and then turn away. Hey, are you leaving before I run off. The cute girl doesnt seem to even bat an eye. She simply grabs your arm and pulls you across the room. Hey, Im just giving you a heads up. She leads you to a booth, which is about the same size as the one you were in earlier. Yeah, but is there going to be any alcohol here. I mean the bartender here didnt even know about the booth until you just started coming in here, so yeah. Thats kind of an odd thing to say, though.

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