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You think you look pretty enough and just about have enough time to make a couple of calls. After giving your name and number and the name of your job and then a couple of pre-prepared statements about being out in the open and all your supplies being in good condition, you are done. You hang up and realize you have only been able to call to make a few small-talk questions about your town and you cant really think of anything else to say, so you hang up and decide to head to your next stop, since it isnt as though there is much else to do right now. You walk a couple blocks until you see a little convenience store. You remember how this shop was here at the beginning of the game and you are wondering how youve never noticed it before. You walk inside the store, and find that it is indeed closed today. You also notice that the door was obviously broken in here the entire time you were here, and the windows are wide open. You also notice a couple of other small convenience stores in the same area, none of which are open. You walk a few more blocks before you see the next store. You keep goingYou are on your way to a convenience store that you havent been to and you are wondering how you are ever going to get there as it is closing down. You are about to head that direction when you spot a house in the distance. You are a little worried that you arent going in the direction that you need to go, but you take a look anyway, thinking that maybe you might find a gas station or a motel. Instead, you see a small two-story brown house with a green roof. You go in the green houseYou decide to keep going and head into the green house. You open the door and are relieved to see that it looks exactly like how you imagined it would. It appears to have been built a long time ago and its exterior isnt quite as nice as it looks here in game. You walk inside and take a look around for a moment. The inside of the house looks like it hasnt been touched in a long time. You see a few pieces of furniture here and there, but nothing that is of much worth. You look up and see a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. The sky is a bright blue and the moon is high in the sky. You look up at its reflection and realize that you are in a really nice spot. You notice several children playing in the backyard with several large dogs running around them as well. You look at the houses large, old-looking front door and then go on as far as the kitchen. You see that the door is wide open, so.

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