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PM comments, 5, linkHello fellow Trekkers. Welcome to my latest foray into the Star Trek universe. My name is Rodimus Prime and from time to time on these forums I like to share some of my favorite Star Trek related items. I recently made a major upgrade to my home theater system and decided it would be an interesting thing to share with all my friends and fans. I just put in my receiver and got an update. I thought Id take a few minutes to share with you. T know me, I am one of the few Star Trek fans that uses a keyboard. I have been using one for over 20 years now and I like to keep my hands free. So to make the most of my time, I use the keyboard for watching the movie and watching the Trek videos that I get sent to me on a daily basis from fellow Trekkers on this wonderful forum. Some of these videos are very funny and I get a kick out of seeing certain characters from the movies do various things. Sometimes I even watch a few of the movies again just to see the scene differently. Ve been really hooked on Trek for about 10 years now. D like to keep going on this ride as long as the show has the ability to do so. Well what do you know, Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out almost 12 years ago. I was just about ready to die when I found out that they made a sequel and that they had cast Mr. Did he stay or would he go. Spock is in the movie, I had to see how it would compare to the original and I was very impressed. It has so much better special effects and a better story than the first one. The music also sounds much better and has a lot more depth to it. Plus when Kirk says, This is your one chance to live out your life as a warrior, Captain it sounds like he just said it with a Vulcan accent. M going to give you guys something to keep you entertained on this long cold winter evening.

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