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You decide to go with the celebrities one first, as it does ring some bells on your end. You check the list to see who is on it and it doesnt take long before you come across David Campbell. As it turns out there is much more than Campbell, though the names appear to be the same and it does give some ideas of which names to look for. You head to your local library and start paging through the books, hoping to find a lead to Campbell. You find a handful of books on him, but they give little insight into his life so all you can really do is guess. A couple of years pass and your luck changes. A local journalist is looking for answers when he gets a tip off a story that David Campbell is in the area and he decides to head to his home. He tells you a few of the details, and you head there as well. You both knock and there is no answer. David Campbell lives in a small, one bedroom house and he doesnt even answer the door. You both head back to the reporter who also gives out a few more details on David Campbell. This cult leader is a prolific, convicted pedophile who has been sentenced to life in prison. The Church has tried to hide information about him, and they are only giving out the bare minimum of information. He could be anywhere in the country, as he rarely leaves his home. You cant even believe such information. You are about to head to David Campbells home and try to find out more about this cult. You make a reportWhat could you do but try. I dont think we should go to the local news to report. We need to do it ourselves, its important information, at least. The reporter seems to be hesitant at first, but youre firm in your decision. After getting a couple of other journalists to help you out, you make your way to the newspaper office. There is a police officer there, so you inform him of what happened, and he says he can find out who the reporter is. Youre confident that he wont report it as a random shooting; youve had a run in with the cops before, you know the system. You head home and go searching for David Campbell. You do a quick Google search to make sure you found him, but there isnt anything up on him. You think about asking the Church for help again, but you think you should try to find him on your own, or at least find a lead on where he is. Finally though youre done looking and head to the news office. You explain that you need to get information out on David Campbell, but youre just.

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