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Psalm 25:15Your job is to keep the spirits of the dead in check. These are the spirits of the dead that have been judged by the Lord and their souls are ready to enter into the Kingdom of God. They will be under your complete control and we need to maintain them under control in the afterlife. The spirits of good characters tend to be more inclined towards the light while the spirits of bad characters are more inclined towards the dark. Therefore it can be helpful to keep a balance of good and evil spirits under your control so that when they reach the final judgement they are swayed towards one side or the other. Some other methods of controlling them are by performing good deeds, praying and giving alms. Of course youre also playing the Devil, but youd like to think that youre a little more. Its time to stop putting the likes of yourself above others, you need to show the world that youre just as righteous as the rest of them. You take a deep breath and start walking towards the town. You walk down the street with your cane in hand, making sure to keep it out of reach of anyone that might try and snatch it from you. As you walk, you start to notice some disturbing signs in the nearby businesses. You wonder whether or not that means this place is a church or a temple. You decide to go in and see what the fuss is all about, then you hear someone call out to you. Its a very familiar voice, but it takes a moment before your brain registers its your mother, and not Satan or any other god or devil.

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