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Article about Skyrim eyes of beauty

You can choose from 3 different textures for game controller and npc. NPC textures are available in 4 different sizes. I have additional texture versions for the game Skyrim Special Edition. I can provide you with other textures if you feel that you would find them to enhance your gameplay. You buy the Tales of Lycanthropy mod and enjoy the modded eyes in the game. The game comes with the modded eyes, but with a lot of issues, and after spending a long time playing the game, I felt that they would look very ugly on the PC, so I decided to make my own The Tales of Lycanthropy mod and enjoy the modded eyes in the game. This mod does not include the new eyes, but it includes the same textures with better color and a lot of other adjustments. This mod has been uploaded because of all these issues and this is the best solution for me. So this mod includesA new type of eyelashes, They look different from vanilla eyes and are much better looking, New textures for eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, ears, and other body partsNew eyeshadow colors to brighten your eyes moreNew colors and a lot of other adjustments for the eyes. Ve changed the eyes, so that it is really different and better than the vanilla ones. T even make a face for every NPC, but I can make a face for a lot of NPCs. T make money from this mod, I only do this for entertainment. S kind of a stupid idea to post an ugly mod on the internet, but I felt like I should post this. T care, there is no reason for you to read my advice. If you DO care, then read on as the modder has said.

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