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You watch itOh, you had a feeling this was coming. You get up from your bed and go to your bathroom to get yourself something to drink, before you listen in on the party. So I just came from a hotel here in the Hollywood Hills. Oh so youre the one who started all this right. The fucker thinks hes some sort of legend. No, I told you to get the fuck out. You notice in the distance, there is a group of people dancing near a pool, a little to the other side of the street. Hey, I heard them coming and I guess I should join them too. You take a look around before continuing to your bathroom and get yourself some food. You time passesIts really a blur, youre really not sure what youre looking for all that well, and maybe you should get over yourself. You just need to figure this out and get to it. A bunch of people are sitting in a circle around a fire, while drinking booze out of huge bottles. Whos the winner of this weeks Miss Teen Universe contest. A handsome dude with long blond hair and an athletic body is standing in the middle of the circle. Well you know who I was, but you didnt come up to me or anything so I guess you won that honor. Yeah, well Im sorry about that, it was really a close race. Thats just his business associate that he runs with. There are a lot of people in the circle right now, but youre the only one actually looking at who the winner is and what theyre doing. The other folks in the circle are all staring in different directions at you as you speak, but you guess you must be getting the hint if theyre not sure what youre talking about. No one responds, so you continue.

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