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Their names are a way to think about them, as they are something different; they are human not in that they are a part-animal, but in that they are a part of us. We can forgive the fact that we can kill them and that they will die and weusthemthemselves can make up for it by lovingthem. You think about deathTheres no use in thinking about it. Deaths too heavy and you think about it too much. You should take care of this right now though. When you look inside the refrigerator you find a box of Hersheys Kisses and it feels sooo good on your tongue. When you are done thinking about death, you take a look at the postmortem pictures on the refrigerator and you find that they are all of you. You are lying on the floor and your face is completely covered by a blanket. You are covered in blood and your eyes are closed. Your hands and feet are also covered in blood. You also see a man with a bloody face holding a bloody machete and a bloody axe in his hands. Suddenly you feel a little sick and you start to cry loudly. The man that you saw holding the machete and the bloody axe in his hands looks scared and he runs from the room. Then you start to laugh quietly to yourself:Oh, how stupid we are to think about death enough times for you to find it funny; you say to yourself. You quickly get dressed and you decide to take your sister out of school. You take her to the supermarketYou leave your house and travel to the town of your school where you take your sister to buy lunch. She is happy and she happily thanks you when you return. When you are in the supermarket, you decide to buy a banana and then buy more chocolate and some other sweets for your sister when you are done. Since you have eaten a lot of your lunch, you decide to take a walk. When you are walking with your sister, you suddenly fall on the ground. The shock makes you fall and when you do, you fall heavily and you feel like your life is in danger. When you get up again, you notice that you are wearing a belt that is around your waist. In a panic, you take it out and you take it out a lot and you soon realize that it is a belt made of leather. Then you look down at yourself and realize that your penis has become a bit smaller. You quickly run away from the supermarket, thinking that you are not safe anymore.

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