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A Beauty Bundle of Three of The Target Sephora Boxes. As youre trying to decide what to get, you realize you have absolutely nothing you can buy with your Target credit card right now. You cant even go into the drugstore and the only place you can really spend that much money is Walmart.

The door opens, and you see:A beautiful woman with long brown hair and long eyelashes. A small boxA bunch of papers with numbers and letters on themA bunch of cards with images on themA box full of gifts including:A necklace with a heart, which is blue and white and makes a very pretty sound. A small bottle of Cocoa Butter, which smells very good. An Apple flavored toothpaste, which you cant wait to try. A mini Apple phone, which has a number to call 1-800-TASKER-4UA set of Tassel colored earrings that you will be sure to like. A set of Tassel colored bracelets that you will be sure to like. A bag of Tassel colored LollipopsA tin of Tassel colored Cherry Pie candies. A mirrorA mirrorAnd you are very satisfied and overwhelmed at the same time. You want to tell someone what you have just purchased, but the door opens again, and you see:A man with a beard and a very big grin, and a bag that hes carrying. The man who was walking to the door earlier is no longer here. He had said something about a free gift, but you didnt catch what it was The man grabs something out of the bag and takes out a box and reveals a shiny and shiny shiny thing, Which really is shining and shiny and shiny and hands it to you with big smile on his face.

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