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The celebrities birthdays are shown on their respective pages. Some of the pages are full of stars photos and comments. There is a list of the celebrities birthdays as well as the ones that are overdue. There are also links to videos of many of the stars.

Including the Birthday of President Trump, The Great Escapee. President Trump died on June 14 1946. And his daughter Barbara Trump died on June 14 1970. You take the money from the registerWith this you reach the exit, and continue through the streets as you approach your home. Before you see it, you hear a loud voice call out to you. You start to walk, and then you realize youre actually not feeling yourself. You shake your head, and take a deep breath as you try to calm yourself. You walk faster, and you see the sign for the nearest gas station. As you walk through the door, you feel the need to stop and get your bearings. You take in a deep breath, and think back on your life up to this point. Youre a little more calm now; you didnt panic like you did yesterday. You look around the store, taking in the items on display. Some of them look familiar, but you dont recognize most of them. On the counter you see a big can of tuna, a large bag of Skittles, a large can of Pocky, and what looks to be an old fashioned. You pull out the can and look inside, trying to figure out what it is youre looking at. The can looks empty, but the label is printed with Dunkles Old Fashioned Soda. You pop the cap off and take a long pull from the can. The taste is good; you savor the flavour and let the alcohol wash over you. Its been a long time since youve had anything sweet, and you enjoy the refreshing taste, even if its alcoholic. You pick up the can and check the time. Its not too early; you can have a snack before you go to school. You walk out of the store and take a deep breath. You walk through the streets of Gotham looking at the signs for your home. You notice a light blue van driving around the streets and park by a convenience store. Its late night, so you figure it must be time for you to go to bed. You go to bedYou look around the parking lot of the convenience store and find the van, get in it and slam the door shut. The car sits in a nearby lot next to another car. A black four-door, which you recognize as your fathers. You start the engine, and think back on your life until this.

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