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Ll eventually find out that the world cannot have another Mike Douglas. S going to hit you so hard.

Re a grown woman, and I just made a personal commitment to my husband. Re free to come and go as you wish. I mean how often do girls manage to be in love with their boyfriends. T know they were that close, before I started dating you. Did you want to know why I said that. M married to my career, and my career is you. Ve earned it, because your boyfriend is a loser. D make it through cancer treatment, much less live a long and successful life. Ve managed to juggle your love of your boyfriend and your career like few others have. Ve been trying to save your marriage in your own way, right. So I figured if my relationship with you was going to save my marriage, then maybe it would help you to save yours, too. D at least know how to talk to me, rather than just roll your eyes at me and stay angry all the time, like my husband does. T you come over here and we can talk about all of this. T have left the fucking bathroom in the middle of my chemo session.

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