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Article about Beauty and the beast coloring

You guess you might find something interesting about this pretty princess of this fantasy tale after all. You decide to give her page a try. You open the page and its Belle33 with an image of her with a naked man and text that reads Have you ever wanted to be a free spirit. Well come join my page and be one of the free spirits in my page. You can be a free spirit in my page or you can be in my own private reality. You click on the next page to see more pages of Belle33 and click on the More link to see more of her. You cant help but be in love with her. Your sister will not be what you expected and you will love her for who she truly is. You need to find another guideYou need another guide to help you, but Belle33 is too good. You can only stay on the Belle33 page for so long. You need to go off on your own for more information. You read a long article about how to start your own free spirit page with some pictures and information. However there is so much to read so you decide to take a break before you are completely burned out. You start clicking through more of Belle33s picture posts and find one where she is giving a demonstration of how to dance. You are so mesmerized by this picture that you cant stop viewing it. You are so mesmerized you are unable to respond to her post when you see in the comments area that its the 20th of January and the page was made last night. You dont want to miss the 20th to visit Belle33. You cant imagine how close you were to losing yourself in the page. You are going to click through again right now. The only issue is you dont remember where you left off last time. So you click on Back on the page and take a break. The page doesnt seem to be going anywhere so you have no more clicks to give it. You then realize that if you were to go back to Belle33s page and click on Back you could see more pictures and even listen to her talk about herself in more detail. You start to click on her pictures again. You decide right now it is best to come back to Belle33s page when I feel like I have come close to getting lost.

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