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The Beautyblender Beauty blender Beautyblender beautyblender Beautyblender Beautyblender Beautyblender You buy the BeautyblenderHm. You feel like you should buy something, but you just dont feel the need to. You buy the BeautysblenderThe Beautysblender is a blender that is meant for makeup and skin care only. You feel like some of your makeup might come off in your face, but youre willing to deal with that. You open the big door and step inside. If you wanted to, you could place your cosmetics there. You place your hands in the beautyblender and place your face into its warm, inviting waters. The scent of strawberries mixed with mint, the scent of lavender, and the scent of vanilla, all mixed together. Somehow you dont feel so thirsty. You hold the beautyblender above your face, and inhale deeply. Your senses experience many different things at once; your senses, your mind, your heart, your soul, everything combined. The warmth of the beautyblender, the scent, and the feeling are the only things that you focus on at once. You look over to the table, and see a glass jar with a long blade. You place some of your favorite items on the tableYou place your favorite things on the table, like you always do. Then you take your sweet treat, a box of brownies. You bite into one and they burst into a beautiful purple, and you melt within them. Then you place a box of the cake on the table. You bite into one and they bubble with an orange filling. Then, you put some more of the brownies in the jar, then you put the jar on the table and pour out a small quantity of the contents. Finally, you take a small piece of chocolate, roll it in some powdered sugar, and put it on the table. You smile as you see a beautiful rainbow of colors in your kitchen. Then, you feel the suns warmth and feel the world get lighter. It is the middle of July, and the first week of school has arrived. They are on the first day of class, and they are all.

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