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By: Yash on AugRating: Date:An Israeli family living in the United States has come under fire for their decision to offer a free meal to hurricane victims. A group of Orthodox Jews from the New York area told the Forward they would donate 10 meals to New Jersey in the hope it would lessen the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the region. According to the newspaper, the Orthodox group met on Monday in a diner in New York and agreed to feed the area for free. The Orthodox Jewish group were met with support from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and he declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, saying residents would only have power for a short time. Residents in the state are struggling to survive without running water, electricity and phones. In the United States, this is not the first time an Orthodox group has been praised for the gesture of the needy. In 2011, Rabbi Daniel Lapin of the Conservative movements Reconstructionist movement donated 1,200 meals to the homeless in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. The donations were met with a backlash against the Orthodox Jewish community. According to Ynet, Rabbi Lapins decision sparked a backlash of criticism from those who believed his actions were not only not kosher, but were also a violation of the Sabbath. Rabbi Lapin defended his actions by saying the meals would not only help those in need, but also the community as a whole. I think the whole country is in need and this helps the community to help the other community, Lapin told the Jewish Press at the time. The first thing I want to say is I am going to state very clearly that this review is NOT based on my own personal opinions. I have NO idea what Im talking about and Im trying to learn myself. The rest of this review is based on my own knowledge, skills and experience with the subject, not just from reading other reviews. Im telling you all that now, because if I didnt, I would just be a jerk about it and youd never buy this book. I dont care what anyone else thinks, this is my review and Im sticking to it.

Information about Juice beauty blemish clearing serum