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There is, the victims, the victim: a feminist, feminist, sexual, abuse. You reply as you put the box back into the safe. A few short words sound in your head as you start to get dizzy. Ve just experienced a light bulb moment. How the hell you ended up with a book in your room is beyond you. Re reading is a very old one, probably the same age as you or older. S not a very long book, its pages are obviously lined with your own handwriting, as is all of your writing. Ve been studying it some more, but not in your usual reading pace. S the first you remember having ever played. You look at the little green book again. However this title is also in your handwriting and is not simply the script of a scribe. This probably is just what the writer did when they were not on their computer. A few more times this might be a bit distracting, but then you just start putting your arm around someone and the world just becomes a little easier to comprehend. You look at the word Gods and the image on the title page comes to you again. You can make a comparison, and then the words of the book begin to make sense again.

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