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The party was also attended by Lady Edinburgh, and She had a long long stay at the party. And they were at-the-time both members of a dubious party of the-government. The poet of her poem tells how on that fateful day, LadyEdinburgh, whom he describes as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and who bore him nine children, was at the door of the house. He describes her as a cupid and says that she was too pretty to be a mere concurrence. The poem concludes with the line:And there is no hopeOf your beautifulFace beingIn anyBurden uponYour fateTo be aCurse you. The poem was first published in 1819 in a book by Lord Byron. The poem has since been published many times throughout the years. It was included in Byrons anthology of Irish poetry, edited by his daughter Virginia and John Keegan. Other works by Lord Byron, who was also a poet, include The Sentimental Education of William Wordsworth and The Prelude to Troy. These two poems are both in the form of a love poem to his lover Virginia, who was also a poet. The work of Lord Byron was, and is, regarded as being the most important early English poetry since the days of Homer. In his life and work, Lord Byron was known as a very religious man. He had a reputation for being a ladies man and a good friend and he is also remembered for being a supporter of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and Ireland. Lord Byron was also a friend and supporter of James Joyce. The National Library of Ireland has a poem about Lord Byron that was written at the same time as Lady Byrons poem. In his poem, the poet wrote about how his lover Virginia wrote a love poem to Lord Byron for her. And as the years of his life fadedAnd he was goneAnd never again. Lady Byron died on 17 January 1820. Her poem was the last one written by Lord Byron before he died. In 1821, Lord Byron was interred at Saint Albans in London. He is buried in Westminster Abbey as are many others, including poets Thomas Gray and John Keats. Taller, stronger, slimmer and younger than you.

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