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The party was thrown by Byrons, whose mother, the young and wealthy daughter of the duke of Richmond, had doted on Byrons, aswell as, the youngByrons, who was also a member,4ofthe family that was to receive5ofthe dukesgreatest fortune. You hear the sounds of hooves on the horseback and your father calls to you. You step out of the trees and see a young, red-haired woman, riding a young, blue-eyed, red-haired man. You have been wondering about your parents relationship for some time now and you wish for their marriage to be perfect, as a sign of your gratitude for everything your parents have given to you. You have never liked your parents, but you have always been curious about them. It is only natural that you would want to know more about them. This young man looks at you with a warm smile and then looks at your mother. Shes always been like a grandmother to you and she looks at him without seeing the tears in his eyes. This young woman hugs you tightly and kisses on the cheek. You havent even noticed her doing so before. You have been so focused on your mother and father that you have not noticed her showing the emotion that normal people show during these moments. Your parents reunion causes a sense of sadness to be felt within you. And for the first time you think that maybe, you will be able to be happy. You run towards the horses as fast as your small legs can carry you and youre already on the horses when you feel hands gently pushing on your shoulders. Hes wearing a blue tunic like your brother used to wear. Although you are much taller than your brother and its taken you a long time to have grown to your current height, you can still feel yourself growing, and hes still a child even though hes the same age as you. Hes got a good head on his shoulders, unlike you. You a few more yearsOne more year passes and then you were sent to a new town.

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