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It felt awkward, like a confession, and a little weird to mention something so personal like this, but you knew you had to tell someone. And who better than the person whos always been there as the support in your times of need. She knows more about this than you had initially thought. You continue to chat with Claire and after the work day is over you meet with her at the diner. No, Mom and Dad are at the shelter, I was just visiting them. You get back on the couch and continue to watch a movie. The couch itself has become your second room. Claire and you spend a lot of time together, the pair of you talking about all sorts of things. Some of the things you talk about would normally be off limits, but your current job isnt exactly your main focus. You cant imagine a time when youd not be talking to Claire. Sure, she seems a little distant sometimes, but you know deep down that shes just shy. Shes just a bit anxious about everything thats happened, youd say shes a little afraid of being a parent. Or something like that anyway, She also seems a bit more protective of you than she was with the Shelter people. Not to the point of constantly worrying about you, but you get the impression that if your whereabouts or well-being were ever ever threatened, she would take action. With all this in mind you really wish she would come with you. You go with ClaireYou have to confront this fear, so you have to go with Claire. Ill be on my way now, you say. I dont know if Ill be able to sleep tonight though. This is about you and your future, so Ill worry about the past, OK. Claire gets into her car and drives off. You take a deep breath and think about you future.

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