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Out of5 stars4 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 starsProduct Type: Lip GlossSize: 1. 0 gPeriod: Limited EditionColor: Lip Glaze, Natural, Package: Shipped with a clear plastic slip and a boxCustomer CommentsImage copyright Getty Images Image caption As well as the money, Mr Bannon has also offered advice on how to deal with lawmakers in CongressWhite House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has offered to help President-elect Donald Trump through whatever conflicts of interest he may face. In a message seen by the Huffington Post, Mr Bannon said he had a wide variety of ideas but that Mr Trump shouldnt put his faith in his daughter Ivanka to keep him out of trouble. The Democratic leader in the House of Representatives said Mr Bannon did not deserve to take a seat at the table. Meanwhile Mr Trump has selected Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney-general. The Alabama Senator, who was rejected by Barack Obama in 2008 for a federal judgeship, was one of Mr Trumps most vocal supporters during the election campaign. As attorney-general, Mr Sessions will be charged with enforcing laws on race, religion, violence and crime. He is a staunch supporter of the Trump administrations agenda, having described the president-elects victory as a revolution. Mr Sessions was also an early backer of Mr Trumps decision to bring back torture, in February calling it a very, very good tool. Risk of conflict of interestIn a message sent to Mr Trump from his Twitter account on Saturday, Mr Bannon offered his advice on how the incoming president could avoid conflicts of interest. Ive got a wide variety of ideas on how to handle and resolve conflicts, but the president shouldnt put his faith in me. And this is not like a conflict at law firm where you have a blind trust, theres not even a paper trail. And the guy who runs the Justice Department knows exactly what hes doing. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Sessions is a tough-talking supporter of Mr Trumps agendaBut Mr Sessions has been less conciliatory of other Republicans in Congress. In a statement on Friday, Senator Sessions said he was worried about the possibility of a new government that would have no one to drain the swamp. The people should be alarmed when Republicans in Congress agree to put a Democrat that hates our system of laws and wants to fundamentally change it, into office. That is not the symbol of our countrys future I fear, he said. On Sunday, Mr Sessions also said he was concerned about potential conflicts of interest with Mr Bannon. Earlier this week, Mr Bannon was named as one of the people that Mr Trump.

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