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Jimmy KimmelSo what are your thoughts on the famous people we listed. As of today, the first edition of my second book, The Art of Not Being Broke, has been on sale for three weeks in bookstores and libraries. As youve no doubt noticed, its selling well. In fact, Im getting a lot of letters asking when I think I should get to the rest of the book, which is, of course, a joke. I never would have published this book if I didnt think it would be useful There are two reasons for selling so well: First, people who have never read an ordinary book before are going to try to read an ordinary book and theyre going to want to buy a book, which means more money for me. Second, the world has suddenly become a lot less predictable. If youve been holding out on buying my second book, then you can get it later, but there are a lot of other people buying it right now. Now, there are plenty of other books out there, but if you wanted you could probably get a copy of that New York Times bestseller The Way of All Flesh by Fyodor Dostoyevsky for less money than my second book is going for. This is a good time to be a writer: There is very little to no competition out there. There was a time when there must have been several dozen authors coming out with about the same amount of material, and the books were all competing for the same readership. There are a dozen writers releasing the same material, and in some cases, a dozen or more. The fact that there are so many good books is causing me to produce and sell more than I otherwise would have been able to. Of course, there are those who complain that the books that are out there are just too predictable and that writers ought.

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