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And on a lighter note we got a new app on my iPhone that will remind me to do things tomorrow, like brushing my teeth and such. My sister got it but was having trouble putting the time on it, so you could give it to her. Lets make some more music together. Your mother finishes up washing her hands and hands you a handkerchief and two envelopes for you, one for you to open and the other to go to your sister for her old cell phone. You open the envelopeOpening the envelope, you find a small piece of paper with an address attached. The note says:HelloYou open the envelope and its actually a large check which you tear open first. Smith,Your son is a fine young man and has many talents but his greatest gift is the love of the Lord. Please accept this check for three million dollars if you will accept him into your family. Your son will have the best of everything in this life and a better one to come. Your sons parents are standing behind him and if they would like to speak at all, they will do so later. You say and then kiss your mother goodbye on the cheek and run back into the kitchen to tell your sister the news. Buy some Christmas presents for all of us. Nope, but thatll be why were going to buy the presents and he needs to be presentable. It takes a couple of weeks for everyone to calm down and for the situation to be resolved. One morning you wake up to silence. When you sit up, you see a giant black cat sitting on your doorstep. You recognize the cat immediately, hes a Christmas present that your parents had given you on Christmas the year before. This means that the cat must be the one your son gave the check to a few days ago. If this cat is the same one you gave, then that should mean that your son must be over to see you soon right. You tell your son that theres a cat on your doorstep. You call out to your son through the door. Your son jumps off his computer chair and runs over to the door.

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