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Everyone is talking about the movie, a topic they tend to talk about a lot more in the days after a major tragedy. They also all mention that the movie was a good movie even if it was a bit slow. Re still a bit unsure of what to do, but eventually you make it through the door, find the right classroom, and get settled in. Re almost tempted to just stay away from the school altogether, but you decide against it. You continue to sit and wait for the bell, unsure of what to do, in a way that you were before with David You remember being in school at your old age before, too. One thing you noticed was that when the bell rang everyone went into a huddle in a circle, as if to show how seriously serious they were taking the situation. As it turned out, there was little that serious going on in your life until that moment. You had no one to confide in, you had no plans, you had no life goals. You think about this a bit more and then you decide that going to a movie would at least provide a sense of calm during this anxious time. You walk to the front of the room and find a seat for yourself in the back row. You just thought it would be good to get out of the house. Re more interested in this movie than you are in dealing with your current state of mind. After all, this is the first day after a school shooting.

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