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This is just a list of celebrities who are currently single in the year of the single celebrity. So, why are there so few female celebs on this list. S also great that there are other forms of entertainment. There are probably also more issues regarding Hollywood sexism that keep these women from getting cast in major roles in Hollywood blockbusters. She is a talented singer and she is currently dating her co-star Justin Bieber. There is no truth to any rumors that I am dating a pop star. I was in a serious relationship with Justin Bieber for three years and it was never a secret. Selena has made so many people happy over the years with her music and with her career. Selena has been on a mission to try to help other young girls and women in the entertainment industry. S single and album sales were both huge when she broke up with Justin Bieber. S music has been played on national television and radio stations. Selena has the support of her peers in the entertainment industry. Selena Gomez has never been one to hide her.

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