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A lot of the people I see are a-type o-over 50, o-over-40. I know I said-Im over 40, but people are a-type-o-over-50, o-over-40. D probably rather die than ever be one of those pathetic men that spend their entire lives jerking off to a cartoon character. M not going to be one of those men anymore. S going to be a lot easier than it was when I first started. Ll always remember my younger years. You suddenly say to me as you walk over to me. You say while putting your head onto my shoulder. Ve been doing a good job getting used to this part. Well, I guess that answers the questions then, I just need you to go with it. I pull out some sort of weird device from my pocket and start to wave my hand at you. Ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I REALLY want to play with a hot chick. Re going to make me feel good. I just got here and I already feel like I want to jerk you off.

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