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A voice comes through the speakers, which now say you are not listening to them any more. M the one speaking to you right now. S been talking to you for the past few days. Re very smart to not be aware of me. Humans were able to progress and create technology. T invite you here just for fun. M putting you out of my mind. S going to make you very unhappy.

You are reading and browsing all the latest fashion and cosmetics on the store. You are currently sitting in the beauty boutique Project Beauty. The beauty boutique looks like a well-organized store with well-planned displays. The customers can easily navigate through the store and get the most out of every item. The beauty boutique includes a host of well-designed sections with everything from shampoo to makeup. With the large section of cosmetics, you cant help but wonder what the most anticipated items are. You ask the clerkI want to see Project Beauty. The clerk is a little taken aback, but says shell show you whats up. She slides out a black bag and hands it to you. The bag contains some of the most expensive cosmetic items. It can be used with any of our other products to make your eyes pop. The clerk is now interrupted for a moment as another customer enters the store. Yes, shes selling some lingerie, She says, pointing to another woman. Its actually more like underwear, but theyll be the only ones that will be like these in color. The clerk tells the woman behind you not to talk to you, and the woman passes you by. The clerk returns to the makeup section, and you walk past them and to the cosmetic sections. The clerk shows you more, and shows you a large counter with a ton of beauty products. Project Beauty, The clerk says, a little more excitedly now.

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