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The film stars Ethan Peck as Ethan Peck, a teenager haunted by the memory of a murdered friend, Natalie Hall, in a small Kansas town. The film stars India Eisley as Emily, a young waitress who lives in the same small town as Ethan. The pair form a close bond and after Ethans friend, Jacob, is murdered, Emily believes he is haunted by a ghostly apparition, which proves to be true when Jacobs ghost returns. The film is a story of friendship and coming of age while taking inspiration from the Brothers Grimm classic novel The Snow Queen. The Snow QueenThe Snow Queen is a horrorfantasy film from the director of The Caine Mutiny, 2006The film centres around Emma, Mila Kunis a young woman who has a crush on her best friend. Unfortunately for her, this friend, Tom, Patrick Warburton is having an affair with her sister Julie, Jessica Biel During an argument, Emma slits Toms throat, killing him in the process. He returns as a ghost to haunt Julie and then, gradually, Julie becomes possessed by a ghostly creature known as the Snow Queen, Rachel McAdamsThe Snow Queen takes the traditional ghost story and turns it on its head. Instead of a ghostly entity stealing someones life, its the human being possessed by a ghostly entity whose soul is inhabiting their body. The Snow Queen is the films most ambitious and ambitious plot. A film of this nature is usually more about the creatures and monsters who inhabit the woods or haunted house, how they behave, how they are killed and what they are, and is not, scary. The Snow Queen is about a ghost who wants to possess a human body. Its not only a very serious film, its a very adult film, and its definitely a film youre going to want to see with an adult in the house. I was delighted with the film and it managed to scare the crap out of me, and in doing so, entertained me, The Snow Queen is an interesting film in a number of different ways. The Snow Queen was the first film from the director of The Caine Mutiny, 2006 and one of my favourite films, and it was the first big studio horror film of the new millennium. The film stars Mila Kunis as the films protagonist, while Patrick Warburton is Emily an English teenager who is possessed by a ghostly creature known as the Snow Queen. Emily is an intelligent, strong-willed girl, but due to a horrific experience, her mind is not properly equipped to deal with the effects of the Snow Queens possession. This forces Emily into an unstable, violent and increasingly unstable state.

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