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You continueYoure not quite sure what to expect, but you take a deep breath and hope that its not going to be a scene from some weird fairy tale. The door opens and a man in a suit steps inside. You nod and begin talking, hoping that its clear enough. He asks, I know youre a busy man, so if theres something else, I can leave you be for a moment. I have a question about the house thats been bothering me for a while now. You pause to gather your words and decide what to say. Do you know if the house has some curse. You mean like a curse that goes back to the days of the royal family. Its just that whenever I pass through this house I think something bad is going to happen. Well, then why dont you stay inside and dont roam the house. The guard looks disappointed, Im not a child anymore. I cant go wandering the house like some stray dog with no home to go to, I have responsibilities. He leaves and you feel a little better. Well, Im glad youre not a straydog. I have responsibilities too, he says, Like not killing whoever is in the house or something. Why do you take it so hard. You look around and notice that the room is dark. The guard turns back to you, Sorry, I have to go. If I find you here again, Ill have to kill you. You nod and start to leave, but the guard pulls you back. Then youre in trouble, and youre my problem now, the guard says, Good-bye. You slowly turn around and start walking towards the door, the guard is gone. You continueYou walk out of the house and find a light breeze blowing.

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