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You dont know this Susan, so she was a girl that Eleanor had been involved with on at least two separate occasions. She was the older sister to Verna Felton, the girl you had sex with on your first dateEleanor said that she never got over Susan. Eleanor Audley in Sleeping BeautyIn a landslide victory, Eleanor Audley wins over the other candidates. I have never been able to get over her death even after all these years. I still think of her every so often. I just told her to be careful on this trip and I was going to the movies so that she knew to be careful as well. Why the hell are you still voting for this shit. Look, I know youre not going to vote for me, but Im not voting for anybody. The world has been fucked up enough as it is and it would be a shame to add to the chaos. Whos to say that youre not voting for the right guy. Hell, Im still not sure how were even going to solve all this shit. I think you should just go vote for Susan. Youve been putting me through this and Im getting tired of it. Youve been putting my dreams on hold for over five years. I know what I said was stupid, but I think Im sticking by it. I would be stupid to turn my back on something I believe in. If Susan or someone else has convinced me otherwise, Im not going to argue, but if not, Ill stay where I am and not vote either. Ill get some more of the cast members to go vote for her. This is a bad year, but next year will be different. You vote for SusanYou shake your head and leave the theater. Outside, you find yourself running an errand. When you get to the register, you have an idea of what to do. Can you put me a large orange. The counter guy looks at you and gives you a weird look.

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