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S London, England, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Kingdom, Kingdom, United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Kingdom of, Kingdom of United Kingdom. Well, that and Im a little tired myself, and Im about as interested in this stuff as I am in playing a game called Chess. Lets get back to the story, shall we. Im sure you will, your mother says. Its the story of the kings two daughters and why they died. The kings two daughters were the most pretty girls in England, she says. However, their beauty could not save them from the Kings mens lance and their hearts from their kings hand. They were burned at the stake in an open field. The two girls became known as the Fair Folk, the fairies who could cross the line between worlds. They lived thousands of miles away, in the enchanted realm known as Knossos, and were known to the Greeks as the Fates. The Fates, in turn, watched over the realm of Knossos and its people. Every four centuries, the two Fates would meet to watch for the most beautiful of the fair maidens beauty. In the four centuries after the kings daughters deaths, they would meet. In the years before the two girls first met, they watched until the fair maiden was a different person. At the end of the four years, the most beautiful of their beauty would win their heart and become Queen of England. You cant really blame anyone except yourselves. Its all my fault, then, you say. You say Im the one who convinced Mary to marry him. Well, you mustve convinced her, your father says. But Im just a peasant girl, Im no match for one of the nobles.

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