Sleeping Beauty is a 1959 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney …

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Aurora, a-17, the only, female, who, appears in the16th Disney animated film. You dont go to bedYouve got to go somewhere. You grab your bag and head out the front door. You walk down the street and start heading toward the park, though you can only see a few stores going on. You head down the stairs before you realize that you are heading the wrong way. You find the park and as you find your spot, you begin to wonder if you should just sit here and wait for the lights to go on. You walk to the parkYou know its probably going to start soon, not that it isnt a little frustrating. You head on to the parks entrance where you can see all of the people heading out to go to the fair. You walk towards the lot where you knew the park was and then a man comes up and gives you a strange look. He asks you what youre doing here, and you reply. The man looks at you and then looks to his two children who just arrived at the park. He seems to be holding the same confused state of mind that the other people there feel. He points at the lights behind you as theyre going to be going on soon. The man looks at you and the kids and then walks back into his shop, which is a stand alone place where you dont think he gives tours anymore, if only because the place is completely empty now. You look around and then think you should just head home. After all, theres no point in waiting here for the fair if they really arent going to start showing any time soon. As you leave, you see something that catches your eye.

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