Sleeping Beauty is a 2011 Australian erotic drama film that was written and directed …

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You sit there on the couch, eyes staring at this naked woman. Youre having an image of this woman with a cock, a big huge cock, thrusting into her ass. All over her face, all over her neck, all over her hair. You can smell the musk of a big hard cock as you stare at this figure, but you keep your face pressed against the wall. Its only after a couple of minutes of this is she standing over you, that you slowly look around and start to take control of the situation. As she steps forward, you grab your cell phone, and get it. You record this encounter for later viewing, and to help you out. Im so sorry you have to live like this, but I was running an errand, and found that you had left a cell phone with my name on it. Well, can you at least find my mom. In the living room, she said she was getting something ready. Oh, and dont let this end like yours did. You shouldnt get in a vehicle and drive away, because I will know and I will come after you. You hang up the phone, sigh, and stand up. This isnt easy, but the next day, after getting some milk from the fridge, you get in the car and drive toward Isabella. The next few days are a blur, trying to convince your mom that you are okay, but you eventually succeed. Finally, your mom seems to be on your side, though she is very upset. She is also very angry at Isabella, but you can tell that is the last thing she will do. They need to know you arent safe here. You stand up and scream at her to stop, but its not much of a scream, and her voice cracks a little bit. If you stop looking out for me, then this can be my world. You just let her talk, and just shake your head.

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