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This book was interesting because Ive read some of these stories and Im wondering what the world has come to. The last one in particular makes me think that I think weve gone too far in this. I mean Ive read some of these stories on here and I know it seems like they were just made up, but for whatever reason I really believe that some of the stories here are based on real events, and to be quite honest Im sick of it. Anyways, a quick warning; in most of the stories here the characters are pretty messed up. Sometimes the characters in them cant help their twisted personalities, but then again most of the horror stories are pretty messed up too. I mean you could also call them heroic in some cases. But I like to think that if these people had been more aware of the consequences of some of the things they do, they wouldnt have done them. I know they could be forgiven for some of it, but the fact that there was one young woman who could have easily prevented the deaths of so many others still makes me wonder. I dont know if youve ever suffered from depression or something like that. I dont know if your life really is doomed to be a life of crime and violence and misery. Im just wondering if you could see yourself in a similar position and if there are ways you could change and get out, if you were so inclined. Thank you for reading, thank you for even tolerating my ramblings. Your brotherYou open the door and there he is. But now he seems a little less talkative. You know, I was thinking about the last bit of the story we listened to. The girl in the cage was a prisoner of those people who had been torturing her.

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