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You also know that she is not int anyway with you. You feel like youre going to explode. This might actually be the best thing youve done all day. Youve been so consumed with petty revenge on someone that you forgot about the big picture. You cant just focus on one person, you need to focus on the system. You need to focus on how you can make things better. You need to focus on how you can make a difference. You dont know if youve ever felt this way before, but this is a good feeling. You walk out of the kitchen, taking a look around at the mess. The house could use some cleaning, but you need to fix something. You take one last look at the front door and lock it. Its a good thing you brought your book bag, otherwise, all that mightve been in your room is junk like the rest of the world. You think about what you could do to help out in the relationship. You could take a more active role in things. You could help Maleficent, by cleaning out the bathtub or getting rid of the trash. You know you cant change the past, but you can change your actions for the future. You could be close to her and not just in a motherly, daughterly way. You need to remember, this girl is only 15 years old. Youd need to be very careful what you did. Youve been in the system too long and youre not going to get out of it now. Youre going to be loyal to Maleficent, just like youve always been. You might be able to control an entire city with your magic and your mind, but if you cant control a girl that you once considered a good friend, then what good has it done you. What does your relationship with Maleficent really mean. Maybe you need to try something different. You open up your laptop and try to write a letter, but you never get very far. You end up putting it in your bag and head back upstairs to your room.

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