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I dont think Im alone in this, the main reason why Im willing to stick with the status quo and not start a new one is to maintain any sort of sanity I have left in this world. In my current situation, I dont even feel safe with the potential for all hell to break loose now. I still have my trust issues with people, but Im not sure if they do that because Im in a lot of pain or because Im finally realizing how fucked up the world has really become when everything feels completely insane. Speaking of which, whats insane about this situation is the fact that its so insane. The day after it was announced that the Endbringers had been killed, I woke up in a panic attack, I felt like I was about to be punched in the throat, because I couldnt stop thinking about my mothers death. I wanted to go back to sleep but a thought in the back of my mind kept me awake. It even made me feel more anxious than when I thought about that day before. When I went back to sleep, I had the strangest feeling that something was still watching me. This wasnt so much because some bad memories came back to me, but more of a sort of I can see you type feeling. I still dont know why I started having these random feelings, but they came back and they felt like they were coming from an unknown person. I couldnt get rid of them completely so I made the decision to call the police. That was the moment I was called into my mothers presence. I dont really know what I wanted to say when I spoke to her, but I dont remember. I had no idea what to expect, but I didnt want her to cry anymore than I already had. I think I really just wanted to hear her laugh since that had been my only comfort in the last few days. She let me say my piece and that I wanted to go back to sleep and that she loved me, and that was that. That night I spent thinking about things that I shouldnt have, and that I shouldnt have been thinking about in the first place. I was in a dark space where the past was and the future was and no-one was ever going to be around to help me make whatever decisions I had to.

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