Snoop Dogg and Lena Dunham were among a host of celebrities who…

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I hope you are happy with your citizenship as you cant even stop your country from getting it, so how the hell can you have any. You continue to lie to Americans and continue to let your country be a dumping ground for illegalsIf you are so concerned about your country, you should put your money where your mouth is. T have to be sending their stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to China and India. T you actually start doing something to help your own country. T you start an organization to help your neighbors. T you just say something to stop this invasion of illegals. T you just stop lying to the American people. T really want to live on the land like your ancestors did after all. You probably do not want to live like the rest of the illegals that are flooding across the southern border. You DO want to live in a country like Sweden, you DO want to live in a country like Norway, you DO want to live like Canada or Australia. T you want to live like any of those countries. And what would make you go to ANY of those countries. You know that you truly are a patriotic American that is just too stupid to figure out how screwed up this situation is. You want to live in a land like Norway, Norway has taken in over 100,000 immigrants in the last few years. Your government is making it harder and harder to immigrate to Norway, as Sweden just took in a record number of immigrants this year. T Norway have as many immigrants as Norway has problems. T you want to live in a land like Norway, what do you want to live in. In the first half the movie begins with a girl who has gone missing, in the second half she is found dead. The boy thats talking in between the two is the father saying that things have gotten complicated and he has no idea what happened to his daughter.

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