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S time to get back to the business of maintaining this place. After that, you go through your morning routine. The fact that you could move boxes at least, it was a success. You could use all the practice you could get. However, you were also forced to confront problems that you were unable to do before. You realized that you were getting frustrated with the task of packing boxes. T determined the significance of the note that was left behind. The more you did it, the more you realized that there was no logical reason why her disappearance had to be your primary concern. The fact that you felt the need to do this work in the first place, meant that you were missing something in addition to your mother. You thought about the many people that had left cryptic or cryptic messages for you. The things that were written, the things which were said. You felt like you were missing something special. Re at home now, and you take a deep breath before you put the key to the front door. You look at yourself in the mirror to see if anything might have changed. You do not see anything different. You leave your house and walk towards the parking lot. Ll be able to park there and you might as well use it. You walk up to the passenger door first, and you are surprised to hear an excited voice coming from inside the vehicle. Your mother takes the keys from you and drives off, which is probably not a bad thing. It was a good thing that she went to a party last night. Your mother may be a woman of her time, but she has many things in common with the generations before her.

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