So hard to have the strength to keep going Kate Garraways message to devastated fan

Kate Garraway opens up on Derek’s ongoing battle with fatigue

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Kate Garraway, 54, knows all too well how Covid has affected millions of us all over there world, and has now sent her support to a fan who reached out for advice following the loss of his wife. A Twitter follower sent her a message to let her know his wife died from cancer as a result of not being able to be seen during the pandemic, highlighting the knock-on impact the virus has had on people not directly affected by it.

So hard to have the strength to keep going – sending prayers to you

Kate Garraway

Taking to the social media site, Kate revealed her heart-wrenching Finding Derek documentary for ITV had been nominated for a National Television Award, but she admitted she wasn’t sure if she should be encouraging people to vote for it.

“Have felt torn asking you to vote for #FindingDerek @OfficialNTAs,” she penned.

“But a stranger just changed my mind!

“She told me her sister died 2 weeks ago from Covid heart damage.”

Kate added: “So not for but for the lives & lives devastated, please vote.”

As fans rushed to the comments section to reassure her she had their support, one revealed they had also suffered a devastating loss recently.

The fan wrote: “@kategarraway my beautiful wife passed away 7 weeks ago from cancer as a result of her GP refusing to see her during the pandemic.

“Throughout this misery a lot have people have suffered because of Covid in one way or another.”

He concluded his message with heartbreaking words: “I’m a broken man. Truly devastated.”

Kate was quick to reply to the user with her condolences and shared some words of wised she too has heard throughout her family’s ordeal.

“Am so sorry to hear that,” she responded.

“So many lives have been devastated by #covid & it’s fallout.

“So hard to have the strength to keep going – sending prayers to you,” she concluded as others also sent their love to the user.

Kate is set to celebrate 16 years of marriage to her beloved husband Derek Draper this week, but the occasion may be “bittersweet”, according to her best friend.

Derek is still recovering after he was hospitalised for Covid a year and a half ago, retuning to the family home in April.

But despite the milestone, he still needs around the clock care and can’t walk unsupported.

Kate’s friend Clare Nasir opened up about what the Good Morning Britain presenter is going through, telling Closer Magazine: “Kate lives day to day with Derek because she doesn’t know what’s going to happen in 24 hours, let alone further along than that.

“I’m sure she’s got things she’d want to do, but she doesn’t want to tempt fate.

“That’s why her anniversary will be so bittersweet – planning is so hard.”

She added: “She lives every day as it comes because something unexpected could happen at any moment with Derek’s condition…”

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