So the BBC has announced that Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross will …

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IHe laughs at the comment, and you smile faintly, before looking away. Jonathan, your brother is in complete denial about what happened. S all his fault for not doing the right thing. Re obviously still grieving for her, bro. Jonathan says, and suddenly turns to you, brushing past your sister. So you want to know one of the few positive things about this day. She was always there in the back of my mind, trying to make her voice heard. I remember my little girl with all my heart, like my own. You snarl, before Jonathan interrupts you. T take the dark out of my eyes, old friend. You were always nice to my sister. Maybe you were the only one that cared for her. S body and looks over at you again. Jonathan says, and then he and his sister leave you alone. Re up early the next morning, as you have a job tomorrow. T expect you to be up so soon.

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