Some flexitarians and vegans have also found that a …

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You can eat as much without gaining weight as you want when you eat a plant-based diet. You are a little surprised by this turn of events, but you take advantage of it by going to the fridge and getting some vegan cookies. Re not even thinking about your weight anymore. T even feel the effects right away, you start to wonder if something about this is wrong. At this time, you start to get sleepy again. T really feel like putting on your make up. T have the energy to do anything else for the next couple of hours. Re still in a good mood though, which is only made worse by being in the mood that you are right now. You begin to wonder how you ever got so depressed in the first place. Re not in any condition to have any fun the rest of the time. In any case, you are just experiencing this pleasant high and no longer have the lingering effects of the booze and weed. S probably also due to your newfound vigor that the occasional daydreams and fantasy sequences are beginning to fade slowly. Re already pretty good at what you do. Re certainly feeling the benefits of all this activity. Re just wondering if things are going to get any better. Your fantasies are getting more and more explicit as time goes on. You even start to fantasize about other people at this point. You could go back to the previous situation if you just had more drugs and alcohol in the house.

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