Sometimes its a celebritys weight that keeps us up at night…

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The End You The End Well, that should scare all the chicks out there. And no one will ever think twice about going on dates with you ever again. But Youll Keep Yourself In Check Youve got to do something to lose some of that weight. You start to wonder if theres any way to cheat the system. You cant even go out and get a regular job like some of the other girls. Your life is going to be hell just because you have some extra weight that needs to be cut down. After walking around the block a couple of times, you stop in front of the TV and start watching. S giving you a lot of entertainment: the local news. S face fills your vision when she speaks to you. You start to worry as more of her questions sink in. Why is she asking you all these questions. T do anything about it, so what can you do. D rather be rich and famous and never have to exercise again.

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