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At this point you realize you are being rude to your sister and you just want to get on to the dinner preparations. Just saying good night, or even good morning to my husband. That very night you hear a loud noise. The next morning you see a lot of debris and a big hole in the ground. On top of the hole and in front of it, the ground looks a lot less level due to the big explosion. Ve set off a small nuclear warhead on the back of a flatbed truck. You then see a man in a suit come out of that same truck and get into a car. S currently standing by the house having not slept since the explosion. You call out and run towards her. She says, pulling something out of her pocket. T you just give it to your husband and get out of here. But how else are you going to get it to my hotel room. T say things like that to my sister. T know what you think you know about me. T know anything about flash drives and all this has happened so quickly.

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