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You dont quite know your next move, just decide that youre going to keep running. There is no way or means that you are going to give up now. You run faster than the other 2 were able to, and you dont stop running until you can see the mountains that surround the city. You ran for a long time, and then you heard the cries for help. Please my child, don t die. You continue to keep running, to see what the problem was. You looked up just in time to see a group of zombies, coming at you. You shout, taking a swing at one of them. You didnt expect to get attacked so soon, and you were a little surprised that you actually did get attacked. As the others start to run away, the zombie hits you hard, and you collapse. The other two managed to get a few meters away from you, before one of them fell over from how hard he was hit. You dont think youll be able to run any further before youre completely destroyed by a zombie. Someone says, and you notice that one of the survivors who fell over, is a little young, and a male, with short black hair, and a large scar on his right eye. Hes dressed in a long tattered, light brown shirt and jeans. He must have done this to help save his friend. I dont have time for your useless compliments, and Im more than a little annoyed by your interruption. No, no, you can keep your old man. You tell him, and the two of you continue to run towards the mountains. You try and escape the zombiesYou cant fight off the zombies all day, and you arent going to attack him either. You just try to get as far away as you can. Im not going to die in here, Im going.

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